Suitcase Sizing for Topdeck


Hi everyone, just wanting to know if anyone can help me with the bag sizing for topdeck.

i have a Karen Hill 4 wheeled suitcase that has perfect dimensions (70 x 45 x 25cm as topdeck requests) but that is not including the wheels - to include the wheels it takes it up to 75cms!!

i read that they are flexible with a few cms give or take but i’m stressing and not sure if it will be allowed. i still have a little over a month to go and wanted to make sure this was sorted.

Also does anyone know if there are any dimension limits with the carry on bag? i know you are allowed up to 7kg ( i think on the plane that is - not sure about topdeck) so if anyone can give me some insight (and dimensions for carry on bags if there are measurements i need to meet) that’d be great! Cheers :slight_smile:

from Marlia B-)


one of the other girls on another post said they usually allow 10 cms and with your carry on backpack etc on topdeck i think it just said small backpack or day bag ( so not a hiking backpack) im thinking of taking a smaller sized school backpack


Hi Emma,
cheers for that! ohh that’ll be perfect if that’s the case! i have a mini suitcase with wheels and a pull out handle but also looks like a smallish overnight bag so i’m hoping that will be ok. it’d be nice if we were able to upload photos on this forum so that topdeck can suss out our luggage. i’d say my carry on is around the size of a schoolbag but not huge. should be right with that one (i hope!)
thanks again :slight_smile:


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sounds good. im looking for a smaller sized bag pack at the moment as well for my day bag. suitcase wise i went with a surf brand - roxy. fits the dimensions perfectly