Suitcase or large rucksack?


Hi, I’m going on the European Adventure 2012 on 12th August, I wasn’t sure whether to take a suitcase or a rucksack with my stuff in? I’ve got an over the shoulder bag for the day time! And any ideas where our bags are kept during the day? On the coach or in the tents? Thanks :slight_smile: xxx


Rucksack will be better, as it’s easier to stuff it in the bus with the other bags than a suitcase.


Definitely rucksack - have been on a couple of top deck tours and they are much easier to get up and down stairs than suitcases. Also, if you think you might be doing a stack of shopping, then the easiest thing is to buy a rucksack liner or cover and use this as a separate bag.

Bags are kept in the tents during the day, so anything you don’t want stolen, take with you. Having said this, I didn’t have any problems on either of the 2 camping tours I’ve done with Top Deck.


If you end up with a rucksack/backpack, make sure you get a around zipper one, not a topstuff one. Makes it so much easier to organise and find your stuff. You run the risk of zipper break so make sure its a good quiality one. The lil extra money you invest now will save you in the long run, and youll have a great bag for many more trips to come!!


That’s great guys thankyou!! Xxxx