Suitcase or backpack?


Hey guys,

Just wondering what people think would be better? a suit case or backpack???
For past travelers, whats better?
and how much spending money should i take approx??

please help :slight_smile:



Hi Brittany-Kate,

Have a look around the forum as there are loads of posts about luggage type etc,. Hopefully these will clear up your queries.

Topdeck Team


I was just wondering if a small netbook (laptop) bag counts in the 20kg limit? Or just a small carry around bag to have on the bus with me


Hi Mitch,

Each person is allowed 1 item of standard size luggage plus a day pack (and sleeping bag if on EuroClub trip with Flotilla Sailing or EuroCamping trip). The maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 44lbs/20kgs. Size for all bags must not exceed 70cm x 45cm x 25cm.

If bringing a netbook along, we suggest bringing a small backpack or satchel type bag to bring on board the coach with you during the day (your main bag will be under the coach, so it’s not suggested you keep your netbook in there as other luggage is placed on top). In your day bag you can fit your daily personal items such as water bottle, wallet, passport etc and your netbook for easy access and security reasons.

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Okay cool, cause i sore a few people found it easier to pull luggage than carry a backpack, but on your guide list, it recommended not bringing a framed suitcase, is it okay if we do? cause im stopping in at America before London so i dont really wanna be hauling a backpack everywhere lol.


I was told a framed suitcase is fine, I am bringing one. I think they don’t want too many of those hard cover ones.


If you already have a suitcase you might as well just use that because backpacks are expensive! And unless you get one of the ones that opens like a book its sooo annoying if you want something that’s at the bottom! Having said that I’ve bought myself a backpack for my tour, but I only have a hard case suitcase so couldn’t take that!


Hey guys, I bought one of those kathmandu suitcases that come with the daypack, have the wheels if u wanna use it like a suitcase, handles if you wana carry it and straps if u want to put it on your back and i thought this is ace… it’ll be perfect and I’ve just spent 2.5wks in turkey on tour and I personally found it frustrating… everyone had backpacks and 9/10 times you had 3 or more flights of stairs to climb and i was always having to pull the straps out and everyone had already taken off up the staris… plus it wasnt made to be comfy on your back either so itg was awkward to carry.

The positives are its great if there aren’t stairs, you can easily get into it and its handy having the three options but i think now (esp cos i plan on doing more travelling… i’d def go the backpack (also can carry things on side of pack like sleeping bag, water bottles, shoes it u buy too much and ur pack wont fit them).

Hope this gives u something to think about… its a hard choice but ultimately depends how long u r travelling for, where u are going and what creature comforts you prefer :slight_smile:


Same problem here, I’ve got a neat suitcase which comes with straps, and not sure if I will need a backpack or not. I’m just doing a EuroClub trip and not sure how much walking with luggage I will need to do. Any advice appreciated.


I’d suggest a wheeled backpack.

I have this one now and its great

I’ve traveled with traditional backpacks (top loading) and they’re fine until you have to move hostel/ hotel again, you basically have to unpack the whole bag every time you move.

Good luck with you decision.


Hi Topdeck,
I just measured my bag. The length and width is roughly the same as your specifications but the height is about 44cm. It’s a soft suitcase/sportsbag with wheels. As long as it’s not over 20kgs will this be ok?


Hi Kimberly,

The size for all bags must be within 70cm x 45cm x 25cm. We ask for passengers to stick to these dimensions (give or take a few cms) due to the limited luggage restrictions on the coaches.

Topdeck Team


Hey TopDeck Team,

I just want to check if my luggage size is suitable - the limits provided on the Euro-Club pre-departure info are 70cm x 50cm x 25cm but mine is 70cm x 30cm x 30cm which is smaller volume-wise and will definitely be under 20kgs so I figured that’d be ok but wanted to double check…



Hi Topdeck Team,

I have a hard case (Samsonite) suitecase. It’s a 4 wheel within the size specifications and it’s one of the lightest. I’m going on a Winter Spirit Tour. Is this type of luggage allowed??? Alot of people have said that topdeck doesn’t like you having hard case luggage.


Hi Jessica,

Good question - if you give our Australian team a call on 1300 886 332 you should get a definite answer from them :slight_smile:

Please get in touch if you have any other questions

Topdeck Team


Yay I wasn’t the only person thinking this :slight_smile:
What exactly is an “Externally Framed” suitcase? does that mean the ones that have a plastic shell or the fabric ones that have very solid framing?

Also what sort of size are we talking for the day bag? Can it be big enough to fit a laptop, camera, drink bottle etc?


hey top deck,
was curious about the size limits with the baggage. i have a 75l pangea hybrid backpack

it fits into the guild lines but its sits more around the 80cm x 40 x25cm, would this still be ok giving its slightly longer then the guide lines?

thanks in advance


Hey James,

As long as it is only a few cms off our maximum size of 70cm x 50cm x 25cm and under the 20kg limit you will be fine (it sounds like you will be)

Topdeck Team


Just going to bump this back up to the top because my question never got answered :-x