Suitcase or backpack


Just curious - on the hotel tours is it better to take a suitcase or a backpack? I’d prefer a suitcase (cos you can take more in it - I’m going for 8 weeks after all) but people have been telling me a backpack would be more convenient. I’d agree that backpacks would be better on a camping tour, but not sure about hotels. Any advice from past travellers? Cheers, Kate.


katec,[br][br]there is a compromise, is to go for those suitcases that have a pull out handle and wheels[br][br]byron[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


I’m going on a camping tour, yes it would be better for a backpack on a camping tour, but I also thought about the cost, decent pack several hundred dollars and I can’t guarantee I’d use it enough to warrant buying it, whereas suitcase much much cheaper and much more useful later on for me. And it’s not a huge suitcase, so it won’t get in the way too much! And yes, wheels & handle!! It’s not like we’re going hiking with it anyway! Up to you what you choose, it’s a personal preference. And depends what you have to pay for a decent pack. And also depends on how much you want to “scrunch” everything!


On the suitcase/backpack question. Whilst on tour, moving your luggage around will be the easiest part of your whole travels, the coach will always be close by, and you will be dropped close to you accomm each time, so this will be easy. What you do before and after your tour should influence your decision more. If you are going on independent travels before or after, even getting around London, expect to have to lugg (Ritchie) your gear for long distances on occassions. Backpacks are definately and advantage on camping tours however. Good luck…


I have the same issue as I’m going on a camping tour but only recently bought a new suitcase (one with the wheels and handle). I know backpacks seem so much more conveniant for camping, but I think i’m gonna stick with the suitcase even if it’s massive and inconveniant I can fit in more stuff get some use out of it. I just get worried because does anyone know overnight when you are camping where the luggage gets stored? Do we keep it in our tents or is it kept on the bus?[br]


On camping tours your luggage is stored in your tent, thats why backpacks are slightly better. the tents are very roomy, so you should be ok with the suitcase, just be aware of the weight limit on luggage, pretty sure its the same as airlines, 20kg for your big packs…


Thanks for the advice[br];D


My suitcase is over the height measurement by only 1cm, does anyone think that will matter?


I am heading off on 20 day european getaway and then travelling independently after, and was having the same issue. However, after talking to a friend who spent 2 years jetsetting the world as a travell agent, she said suitcase with wheels and handle is def the go, do not have to pull everything out of it all the time, and they stand up easily by themselves, so you are not having to put up with 20kg on your shoulders all the time. my suitcase is also a tad too big for the size limits, but i reckon it will be fine, no measuring tapes I am sure.[br][br]Ally


I confirmed with Topdeck as my suitcase was also 2 cm over and Lisa said it would be fine. I guess they just want to avoid the really huge ones like my friend has. I ummed and ahhed over the suitcase/backpack decision but i’m going with the suitcase as i don’t want to have to carry 20 kgs on my back.[br][br]I wrote up a packing list and it is two pages long. I have no idea how i will fit it all into my backpack. Will have to do trial runs this weekend.


emma it should not matter, as my wheelie bag is about 10cms taller and they said no problems.[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


aparrafan. i am in the same situation. i have a backpack but dont want to be carrying it for 4 weeks on my back. i am also trying to write up my bag list for stuff i am taking.[br][br]For the camping trip. you know how they say sleeping bag. in all honesty during european mainland summer wont it be too boiling for a sleeping bag??[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


Hey everyone,[br][br]I’m doing a euroclub tour and I’m going with a suitcase-wheels and handles. Mine was about 3cm over the height measurement, but they said that was ok. I would definately recommend a backpack on eurocamping trips and make sure you pack light so you don’t have to carry to much stuff, plus that leaves more room for shopping! club and hotel ones I would go with the suitcase. cheers. Boz - aussie winters are like UK summers so for use the sleeping bag may very well be appreciated.


yeah i realise jules the english summer is much like an aussie winter. me originally from oz. but when i backpacked through europe 4 years back, it was heatwave season got up to 42-44 celsius in vienna in july 2002[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


I’m def taking my suitcase rather than a backpack. I was going to bring one of those new super small sleeping bags but i have opted to leave it behind. I’m going shopping at Camden and Portobello so i def need suitcase space for shopping. I even invested in 4 of those space saver bags where you just roll the air out. I have no idea how good they work and i have not tried using them yet but the shop assistant says he can’t travel without it so fingers crossed. Honestly its the 20kg limit that is worrying me. I mean my suitcase is already 5 kgs and that is when it is empty.


aparrafan. u will be fine. cos whatever you pack for the plane you will be right if you are coming through asia to europe. if a bit overweight just go through your bags and unload what you don’t need and leave it at home[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


I hope so. I am trying not to overpack because everything is availabel in Europe anyway. Just different brands. It may be interesting to try a different brand of toothpaste :smiley:


aparrafan. i would bring say 1 conditioner and 1 shampoo. and when you run out get some more when in europe. that is what i did in 2002.[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


Hi Katec[br][br]I am a tour leader with topdeck travel and have done numerous Hotel tours within my time with topdeck.[br][br]You will find with the hotels that not always will they have lifts so it is hard to lug a suitcase up stairs. For this reason i have found a pack to be easier.