Suitcase Locks


Hi Everyone!
I’m looking into what sort of locks I should get for my suitcase while away for 5 weeks in Italy and Uganda.
Does anyone have any experience with what has worked best?
Do I just get padlocks, or are those plastic tamper security seals good?

Your thoughts and advice is welcome!


I’ve got a padlock with combination for my suitcase when I go away in September so I don’t have to worry about losing the key but I can’t give a proper opinion on it because I haven’t actually used it yet haha
I haven’t heard much about the security seals but it might be annoying having to put a new one on every time you want to lock you’re suitcase.


Thanks for your thoughts. I thought the same about the security seals!
Enjoy your trip in September!


My suitcase has a TSA lock on the suitcase itself. I specifically wanted a suitcase that had a lock on it already. I’m not sure which security seals you’re taking about, but if it’s the tamper-tell stuff, it won’t stop people from getting into your suitcase. It’ll just tell you if someone’s been into your suitcase.

Combination locks are good too. This would be my go-to if i needed a lock, because if you’re moving around a lot, there’s a higher chance you’ll lose the key.


That’s what I thought about the tamper tells too - so I just decided to go with the combination locks. Having locks already on the suitcase thats a cool idea!
Thanks for replying and enjoy your trips!