Suitcase / Backpak for Asia trips?


Does anyone know if it is better to take a suitcase or backpack for the Asia trips? (specifically road to Phnom).

I did a European one where everyone took suitcases but I assume Asia is different.

Has anyone done these and can let me know how it was.


Hey there I just finished the Asian fusion trip which was road to phonm Penh plus more and it was about half and half. I took a backpack and didn’t find an issue at all but a lot had suitcases as well!

It’s not much but I hope that helps


I as well did an Asia trip with Contiki. I bought a backpack specifically for that trip because I heard that it is not as developed and hard to move around a suitcase. I couldn’t fit all my stuff into the backpack because I pack a lot :slight_smile: and so I resorted back to the suitcase and I was fine. The guys help with the luggage.


Hi Melje! Any other tips for this trip? Must do’s or see’s? Leaving on the 10th of Dec. Super excited!