Just wondering, are we allowed to bring suitcases with us on the tours or is it just backpacks?


Hey, you aren’t restricted to one or the other you can decide which one you want to take!! :slight_smile:


Thats something i have been wondering also. I havent travelled on a tour before and we have just booked a Euroclub tour and I noticed they suggest the bags to be 70cmx45cmx25cm. I have a suitcase thats 76cmx52cmx23cm. How strict are they? Also does your sleeping bag have to fit in your suitcase as well or can it be thrown in beside your luggage?




Your sleeping bag can be outside your suitcase. In terms of size, it really depends how booked your tour is. If you’re travelling in the height of summer, then they tend to be a bit stricter on dimensions. Also remember that what you take you have to carry. There are limited lifts in European hotels and hostels (I’ve just finished the Winter Spirit where I took a suitcase, but it was small compared to some others! :slight_smile: