Suit Case V Back Pack


Hello,[br][br]I am going on a 15 day EuroClub trip and am unsure whether to take a back pack or suitcase.[br][br]What has everyone else done?[br][br]Thanks[br][br]Andrew


Hey Andrew,[br]I’ve done a few tours now, and I always think a backpack is the way to go. It’s so easy to fling it over your shoulder when travelling around and stairs are never a problem,[br]Hope that helps,[br]Erin


Hey[br]I actually think a suitcase is better. Your going on a club tour too so it shouldnt be as rough as a camping one. I would hate having to lift a heavy backpack onto my back after I have collected heaps of souvenirs on the way…I have seen these new types of bags around that are a soft suitcase on wheels but have straps you can use as a backpack if needed. They are called the Ricardo something? check it out as this might be a better option for you[br]Good luck and have a blast :slight_smile:


hi there. I took a suitcase and it was fine, but do be warned that some hostels do not have elevators!


i am going with suitcase with wheels. i think either a bag or wheels or a backpack would be the best option not the conventional suitcase[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


Hi Andrew[br][br]If you take a suitcase, make sure it’s not a big, heavy one. I’ve just come back from doing 2 tours and the biggest mistake I made was taking a suitcase that was way too big (so big in fact, that the driver on one of my tours nicknamed it the coffin!).[br][br]A lot of places don’t have lifts, so backpacks would be the go, but I would definitely take Miss Janeo’s advice and go the bag that has both wheels and shoulder straps.[br][br]Have a great trip![br]