*** Student Cards / Attraction Tickets


Hello! :D[br][br]I’m leaving on the European Getaway on July 13th and am wondering about museums and other attractions–whether it pays to buy tickets ahead of time or to to buy an ISIC (International Student (Youth) Identity Card) or any other deals to look into for museums, etc. [br][br]I’ve had other friends backpack through Europe and they found the ISIC cards very useful (for both discounts and to jump ahead in line)–but I am not sure if it would be the same on a bus tour? [br][br]I leave for my trip in less than a month and am getting VERY excited! If anyone has any advice I’d love to hear it! [br]Thanx!! :D[br][br]***Cindy


Hey[br]I found my studnet (ISIC) card was pretty helpful in quite a few places I was able to get discounted tickets alot cheaper than normal i.e. vatican museum. so its worth getting one of those and they’re not that expensive[br]I’m not sure about much else…[br]I have heard you can buy eiffel tower tickets online and it means less time waiting in line but I guess that would depend on if you knew exaclty what day you were going to go because apparently you have to book for a certain day. And some tours have organised those kind of tickets in advance so you don’t have to worry. It’s worth asking your tour company if necessary.[br]I hope this was helpful[br]Have a great time!


Hey “Miss Janeo” !![br][br]Thanks for the reply! I think I am going to get an ISIC (well except I just graduated from university and am no longer a student :smiley: so I guess I’ll have to get the youth card or teacher card instead!) [br][br]Any idea if the discounts are any different for these types of cards? I wouldn’t think so, but who knows I guess![br][br]Thanks again![br][br]Cindy!


Hey[br]If you still have your college/uni studnet card you still might be able to get an isic. Just take your studnet card in and say your still a student. You never know they might give you one. Thats all I had to do when I got mine. If not try and get the under 26’s card. I’m not sure about it but it very well may help with prices and stuff[br]Good luck :slight_smile:


also the YHA card gets you good discounts as well at places. I have found that using a combo of youth card, yha card and my education institution id gets me in[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


Hey Guys[br]You can ISIC cards at STA Travel. You need to fill out an application, bring a passport photo, and have your studnet ID, and Im pretty sure that’s all you need. [br]if you have time definately go get one. Provided you bring all that Im pretty sure thye’ll do it on the spot