Hello, I am doing the Spirit of Europe tour in August then following it leaving for a Croatia sailing trip the next day, are there storage facilities at the Clink Hostel so that I don’t have to take all my stuff with me on the boat as I’m sure there won’t be that much room?

Thanks, Mel


I’m also wondering about storage - is there any storage at Topdeck head office? I’ll be bringing a lot over with me from Australia as I’m living in London for 2 years. So there’ll be a lot of things that I won’t need to bring with me on the tour…maybe a whole suitcase worth.

Anyone got any suggestions?


Yeah, I’m also interested in Storage, as I just dunno quite how much stuff I’m gonna be bringing with me. I may not be able to meet the bag limits for the tours so may also have to result to storage. Let me know if you come up with any good suggestions.


Just spoke with an ex tour guide for topdeck (apparenty they just finished last year) and they said that the Clink Hostel has storage places for any excess… will get more specifics from them when I see them next!


Thats great, thanks for finding out!


Hi guys, Click78 do offer some storage space - though this is something you would have to organise directly with the hostel itself. You can contact them at

Cheers, Topdeck Team


Im at the clink right now- theres a secure luggage area downstairs. Also regarding people who are worried about staying here, its pretty awsome. Met lots of great people and the bar is cheap


Thanks Topdeck and Josh :slight_smile: That certainly clears up a lot!!