Storage Lockers @ Globetrotter Inn, London


hey [br]was reading some of the forums and they said it was hard to lock the lockers at globetrotter because they didn’t use normal locker sized locks.[br][br]just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this?[br][br]will a normal lock work, or do you need one of those with the flexible metal cord?[br][br]thanks in advance for any help!!![br][br]Ebony + Amanda[br]European Emperor 9 July[br]East Meets West 21 July


Hi,[br][br]We stayed at the Globetrotter in December and just took a normal heavy duty padlock which worked fine…:slight_smile:


I have a old combination lock will that work?[br][br]Also how big is the locker? Does it keep 1 persons suitcase or 2?