Stonehenge visit pre tour?


Hi everyone!

I’m staying in London for three nights before my TopDeck tour, (European Emperor- 13 April).

I want to see Stonehenge but have had various reports from people!

Some say its not worth seeing due to not being able to touch the stones, I think just seeing them would be enough!

I’ve heard its hard to get out there via public transport, that its easier to do a tour out of London…

any advice?

I’m thinking a full day tour which includes the town of Bath and Windsor castle (seen some here:<


thanks!! :wink:


Hi Tash

If you do the sunset or sunrise tour you are able to go up to the stones. But with the other tours you just see it from the outside.

I am looking at doing a similar tour except I am doing Oxford instead of Bath. I figure I have flown halfway around the world I might as well go see it while Im there since I dont know when I’ll be back, plus since the tour incorporate Windsor ( and Oxford) for me there are other things to see.

Hope this helps


Hey Tash
It is definetly easier to do a day tour from London. They are reasonablly affordable too. I went to Stonehenge and Bath (a FANTASTIC place to visit) with Tracks-Travel If you go with a tour group you can cut out the waiting time to get in. At Stonehenge you can see it from the road if you don’t want to pay the enterance fee £6.90 but this does get you an audio guide (you will learn to love the audio guide lol they are obsessed with them over here). There is a low barrier that prevents anyone from actually going up and walking amongst the stones but you can actually walk right around and see it from all angles.
Another good company that does day tours is, these guys are a little more expensive but run tours more often.
Happy travels, hope this helps

Christine :smiley:


Another tour company out of London is Premium Tours. I am doing a Stonehenge, Bath, and Lacock tour. Cost me about 85 pounds but the tour I booked does include the two other tours, transportation from London, and a sunset viewing of Stonehenge in which I will be able to actually go right up to the stones and inside. The tour I am taking leaves London in the morning and returns around 8-9 P.M. The number of tickets for the private tours of Stonehenge are quite limited (the companies themselves are only allotted so many) so if exclusivity is something you are willing to pay a extra for, I would suggest booking them ASAP. Most of these private tours are combined with aa couple other cities/tours as well, such as Lacock, Bath, Windsor, Avebury, Oxford, etc. The other “normal” tours of Stonehenge are daylight hours, typically from 9:30 A.M. - 6 P.M. and if you are just looking to go to Stonehenge - the transportation there will actually cost more than the admission to the stones (admission is about 6 and half pounds). However, normal admission will only get you within about 5-10 meters or so. I would suggest getting a tour that not only goes to Stonehenge but also visits some other areas close by… it’s a 90 minute drive from London and not everyone finds it as exciting as some.


Thanks everyone,

That was really helpful, especially suggestions of tour companies that went well. I’ll be booking a close up tour most likely now, sounds awesome! :smiley:


Anyone staying at the Clink pre-departure, they will set up discount tours to Stonehenge for you!


I’m at the Clink right now. I saw advertised a £49 basic day trip to stonehenge with Anderson Tours.


We are planning to visit Stonehenge along with Bath and Windsor next week from London. We have appointed a local sightseeing expert. We come to know that there is a special area where access is granted twice a day at dawn and sun-set. Can someone please give us more details for this.


Hey Tom how did u find the clink was it safe to stay at .I am staying there before my tour and just a little worried about staying there cause i am a solo traveller


I would definitely go and see Stonehenge at least once. Yeah, some people say it’s kinda small, or not that exciting or whatever. But you have to go see it to make up your own mind! I went in winter, and got to see Stonehenge covered in snow… it was awesome, but freezing!

I’d definitely recommend just doing a day tour from London (wouldn’t bother with public transport, since Stonehenge is in the middle of nowhere), and seeing a few other places in the same trip to make it worthwhile (cos you’re not going to be spending all that long at Stonehenge, an hour max I reckon)… like Bath or Windsor castle. I did an Anderson Tour that did Stonehenge and Bath, it was great! Good tour guide, comfy coach, and multiple pick up points in London. I highly recommend you see Bath! It’s a beautiful town! :slight_smile:


Oh, and Veronica,
I haven’t actually stayed at the Clink before, so I can’t give you an accurate answer. But I’ve stayed solo in a few hostels in UK & Ireland before, and I’ve had a fantastic time! And never had any problems with security. Hostelworld and other websites are great to look at reviews of hostels, so if you’re unsure, see what other people have to say on these sites, they usually have ratings as well. I used sites like this to pick out hostels and they were all great. Just take a padlock so you can either lock valaubles in a locker (if provided) or lock your bag, and just use common sense and you’ll be fine! And don’t be afraid to talk to people in your dorm, hostels are often packed with solo travellers! I ended up meeting lots of people (half of them end up being Aussies most of the time!), who I then went out drinking and sightseeing with, we had a great time! ;D


If you are interested in doing a Stonehenge tour, Andersons Tours can offer Topdeck apsssengers a great deal. Details of their day trips are found at, and if you all their London office they will help out Topdeck’s extended European passengers with any day trips we don’t do!


The key companies that run tours are listed below:

Evan Evans Tours
Premium Tours
The Stonehenge Tour Company
Anderson Tours

They are all quite similar in their offering and pricing, there are sites out there also that offer discounts for these companies, just a quick google search throws up these:

Stonehenge is always worth seeing, you dont need to be able to touch the stones to make it worthwhile. If you think that then you are going to be disappointed with a lot in life! Anyway, if you just see Stonehenge and then listen to the audio guide about how the stones came to be there that will be enough for you… the story is amazing. There is even an express tour that does it in just half a day:

Hope you had a good trip!



We also offer day trips around the UK: Topdeck Day Trips

Topdeck Team


if you look at viator, they have a sunrise sunset stonehenge tour. my hubby and i are doing a sunrise tour. also includes bath and lacock