Hi Guys[br]Im going on the mega European (3rd August) and am spending a week in London prior to my tour. I am planning on doing a day trip to Bath and Stonehenge, but am not sure what is the best way…as in go solo and use public transport or go with an organised day trip coach, if so can anyone recommend any companies?[br][br]Cheers Hayley;D 2 1/2 months to go woohoo


evan evans tours are sposed to be good…[br][br]i’m heading over that way too, but i have friends in london and we are gonna do a day trip together (theyre driving) I can’t wait to see it!! I also want to go to Avebury and see those stones too :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


I am going to probably do Anderson Tours.[br][br]45 euros[br][br]They are the cheapest I have seen.[br][br]The other tour companies I have looked at are[br]-Haggis Adeventures[br]-International Friends[br][br]If I do go it will be at the end of May. If you have any questions email me.[br]


Hi Liviagauis,[br][br]My friend and I plan on travelling to Bath after our Topdeck trip at the end of May as well. Probably 28th May. [br][br]I was wondering if you had any information regarding going to bath free and easy? As in, what sort of transportation we should use (train or bus)? We’re keeping our options open at the moment so maybe we could join you on the tour as well.:)[br][br]Thanks a million.


I second Anderson tours. Sadly, public transportation to Stonehenge is nearly impossible and nearly as expensive as a tour.


hi felsong.[br]Sorry I am going to just miss you. My tour departs may 27. so I will probably go to Bath on the 24 or 25th of May. I will be in London May 23-26 if you want to meet up.[br]The reason I picked Anderson tours is because I am traveling alone and the price includes a tour of the city and admission into the baths (and the trip to Stonehenge).[br][br]But since you are going with a friend it may be cheaper to take the National Express Coach. I saw round trip tickects for as cheap as 2 euros. i forgot to mention in my above post. They also offer cheap daytrips from London.[br]Also looked at the National Express Train. I found a one way ticket to edinburgh, Scotland for 14euros…cheaper and faster then taking the coach.[br][br]Good Luck


I did 2 evan evans tours when i was there 2 years ago. They also include entrance costs.[br]I did a stonehenge and bath tour and one which included greenwich (you passed through it, didn’t stop), leeds castle, canterbury cathedral and white cliffs of dover.[br]With the tours I did find them pretty rushed. You have enough time to see the Baths, but not a lot of time walk around the place. I would probably get the train out to Bath if you want to have more time there.[br]Stonehenge, you will have plenty of time there. Be warned it can be really chilly there.[br]If you have the time, I can’t remember what company it is but there is one that does tours out to stonehenge I think at either sunset or sunrise.[br]One thing they don’t tell you about evan evans tours. They pick you up from certain hotels etc and then drive you to victoria station which you will get on another bus to leave from. They also don’t return you to your hotel. They will drop you at the nearest tube station where you are expected to make your own way back at own cost. You are also expected to tip them at the end as well.[br][br]I got the train back from Edinburgh to London. I thought ohh this would be a nice trip seeing scenery etc… But, I think i must of fell asleep because let me just say the train trip went really fast. haha And I don’t remember seeing much :p[br]But, catching the train is certainly a lot quicker then the bus.[br]


I’d also say if your considering Haggis tours, go for it.[br]I did a tour with them (in Scotland) as well and they are really good.


Hi there, I wanted to go out to Stonehenge for a look, sort of out there and back trip and thought I could just catch a train out there. However someone said that would be quite expensive. Any ideas for me would be good! Also if you are looking to get from London to Edinburgh quickly and cheaply, look on easyjet. My other half and I got one way tickets from Scotland to London for about 23 pound each! Because we dont have alot of time in the uk it was the best way to go!


JoJords,[br][br]I checked out a few train companies and national rail seems to be the cheapest. My return tix are 22.50 pounds. It depends on what time you choose to depart.[br][br]They offer tours from just Bath to Stonehenge ( so you make your own way to Bath and join a tour there! A bit more expensive than the Anderson Tours alternative that Livia suggested but you have more time to do your own thing and can stay in Bath for a longer period of time if you want.


Hi Hayley,[br]I did an Evan Evans Tour a few years ago which went to Stonehenge, Bath and also Windsor Castle. The tour was good and saw alot. All of the entrance fees are include.


I joined a daily trip to Bath & Stonehenge in March 2008, i paid only ?19 for this daily trip.But entrance fees not included.[br][br]You might want to check out the entrance fee for both roman bath & stonehenge,it might work out cheaper to get the ticket yourself or you might not want to visit either of the site but just to explore around the city (free & Easy walk)[br][br][br][br]Good luck…[br][br]KIN


I forgot to mention that…if you are going for the Stonehenge & Bath daily trip, dont expect much of your available time spent in Bath. [br]From my previous experience, This kind of day trip only give you 3 to 4 hours to spend in the Bath. It is definitely not enough time to explore such a beautiful place.[br]I would suggest to consider to take the bus/coach to spend the whole day in Bath. It is cheap,you can get ?6+?1 return tickets by train offered by Megabus/train. or National express is another cheap option.[br][br]Try these:[br][br][br][br][br][br]Good luck[br][br]Kin


Hey Guys thanks for all you help, will defintely check out these options, much appreciated:)


just checked out the anderson tour and it looks like a good one, I think this is the tour for me.[br][br]European Wonder 16th July.[br][br]A bad day on holidays is still better than a good day at work!!!


Arrive in London this Friday.Will probably do the Anderson tour this Saturday or Sunday. Will let you know what to expect.


hi liviagauis[br][br]I still have 8weeks till i fly out but cant decide if i should do a anderson tour or viator. Both look good so any feedback you could pass on would be great.[br][br]Have Fun:)