Staying on in Europe after summer tour


Hey All :slight_smile:
Just curious to see how many people I can find that are planning to stay on in the U.K. or anywhere in Europe for that matter after their 2017 euro summer tour?
I am planning to go on Mega European - Greece 11 July which will finish up end of August and then looking to stay on to live and work in England but open to traveling anywhere really as have my British passport so don’t have to worry about visas!
Is anyone else doing the same? :slight_smile:
I am from Tasmania, Australia…
Let me know and we can chat! :slight_smile:


Europe is best place for staying . In Europe their are many types of hotel are available in an affordable price.


I did the grand european trip last August and lots of people from the trip stayed in London after and went travelling together. If you have any questions feel free to message me on Facebook


Hey Nicole!
I did Grand European last euro summer too! It was so good. I am sure there will be people on my tour that will be staying on like me. Did you or are you planning to go back over to Europe? :slight_smile:


Oh awesome. Yes keen to go back this year or next


Hey Nicola,
I’m from Adelaide and heading to Europe next week! I’m doing a tour in March and will then be staying in the UK / Europe until October :blush:


Hey Alanah :slight_smile: that’s exciting! Which tour are you heading off on? Awesome well if you are still going to be there September/October depending where we are both at we could organise to catch up! :slight_smile:


I’m doing European Pioneer. Yeah that’d be cool!


Hey Nicola,

I’m from hobart/tassie too! I think you know my friend Amy! I’m doing the eastern explore tour then moving to London on the 24th of July!

I should hopefully be settled by the time you arrive so let me know if you wanna meet up! :slight_smile: xx


Hey Elisha!
Yes! Amy just messaged me and said you had seen this post :slight_smile: When do you leave Tassie?
Yeah that would be good, I have some family in Manchester that said I can base myself there. I have no idea what I am doing just winging it :slight_smile: you will have to add me on Facebook and we can chat and could even try fit in a catch up before you head off! How exciting!!! X


I leave 28th of June so still a while away! I don’t have a plan either really! Another girl I work with is coming around the same time too which is good! Bit less daunting having a few friendly faces around :slight_smile:️ Will add you now x