Staying in Split


Hi there,

My bf and I are planning on doing a Croatia sailing trip in the middle of a 2 month Europe holiday. We will be coming from Italy to Croatia and I was wanting to stay the night in Split before the trip to make sure we’re there on time :slight_smile: Just wondering if anyone has any advice on a good cheap place to stay in Split for the one night?



Hi there,

My hubby and I are doing the same thing. Flying from ROme to Split the night before our sailing trip. I have looked on hostel but there doesnt seem to be anything great on there. The most popular place to stay is the Split Hostel (otherwise known as Snooze and Booze) but in August when we are travelling it 25 Euro per person per night for a 4 bed dorm!


I’m currently looking for somewhere in split too - seems to have a few. i’m thinking about booking at hostel golly&bossy in June before and after my sailing trip


Hi Elese,

Hubby and I booked yesterday to stay at that hostel, it looks wicked!!!