Staying at Globetrotter night before tour?


WHen is ur trip going?[br][br]o_0


oh rite okis thats a diff one ta mine[br][br]o_0


hey, I am on a different tour to you(london to athens 1st sept) but me and my friend are staying there the night before our tour. I have checked it out on the internet and it looks really good. My travel agent suggested it bcoz you have to meet there so early in the morning. Hope I helped you out!![br]xox[br][br][br][quote]Originally posted by aussiegoingtoeurope[br]
Hi.[br]I’m just asking the above again as no one has replied with an answer yet :([br][br][br][/quote]


Globetrotter is a little far out, you would need to be able to get a tube to Stamford Brook, District line or it is about a 15 min walk from Hammersmith. [br][br]If your tour leaves on a sunday remember some stations do not get first tube till 7am.[br][br]There is a bar/food at the Globe so while no official meeting am assuming I will meet others on trip the night before.[br][br]?17 is prob a bit steep compared to other hostels, but having stayed there before the facilities are quite clean, and the bunks with own curtain and light is great.