State of Origin


Hi ,

I know this is a little random and If your not from Australia you probably dont know what im talking about , but I wanted to know if anyone knew where in London I could watch the state of Origin on the 25th of May . B-)

Let me know if anyone knows



Hey Abbie

I visitted London 2 years ago and watched a NRL game (delayed) at the Walkabout (an aussie pub). Have just looked up their website and couldn’t see the Origin on their schedule. I see Sky Sports 1 is telecasting the game Wed 25 at 10.30am so try to find a pub that has a few tv’s showing different sports. Maybe they will have a sign out front advertising they are showing the Origin.

Good luck.


Hi Abbey,

The Walkabout at Shepherd’s Bush will show it live AND with a delayed start after work, for those that can’t get the day off.