Starting 24 Dec 2017 - Road to Phnom Penh or Asian Fusion or Tuk Tuk Express


Is anyone else going on either the Road to Phnom Penh, Asian Fusion, or Tuk Tuk Express tours that begin on 24 Dec 2017 in Bangkok? I’m booked on the Road to Phnom Penh.




Same tour planned, same date. I’m from Brisbane, Australia. I arrive in Bangkok about 6 days before tour starts and in Vietnam for 6 days after it ends. I was told I was the last allowed to book a spot. So it should be a full tour group.


Good to know! I’ll be on my own in Vietnam afterwards a well. As there was some initial confusion for me, I’ll mention that you’ll need to have your own transportation into Vietnam. I asked if i could “hitch a ride” to Vietnam as the larger tour continues that way, but officially, the “Road to Phnom Penh” tour will not take you there. Early itineraries I read had implied that was the case, but the new ones are more clear…so just be aware…