Stars & Stripes October 2016



My friend Ashleigh and I are booked on the Stars & Stripes tour leaving LA on the 11th Oct, would love to connect with anyone else on this tour :slight_smile: We are travelling from Brisbane. So excited!



Hi Eliza
I have booked the Stars & Strip tour leaving on the 11th. I am travelling solo. I am travelling from Perth :slight_smile: When are you arriving in LA? I’m super excited!!



Hey Sophie!
That’s so exciting!! Ash and I fly into LA on the 10th. What about you? Have you got any plans for before/after the tour? We are staying in New York for an extra 9 days afterwards. Can’t wait!

Eliza. :slight_smile:


Hey Eliza
I arrive in LA on the 7th. Yes I have booked Universal studios, the Warner bros & movie stars homes tour for LA for the days before the tour starts and really hoping to go to Disneyland on the Free day.

I am staying an extra 6 day in NYC and have booked to stay a night in boston and a day trip to DC.

What have you got planned for after the trip?

Really looking forward to it. :slight_smile:




I’m booked on the Stars & Stripes tour leaving the 11th of October, I’m From Sydney travelling solo :slight_smile:

Courtney :slight_smile:


Hi Courtney
When do you fly in to LA?

Sophie :slight_smile:


Sorry for the super late reply Sophie! We are thinking of doing Disneyland on the free day in LA too, so hard to decide though, we want to do everything! We finally locked in our accommodation for New York today so even more excited now!!!

That’s so exciting Courtney! Have you got anything planned before/after the tour?

So good to be able to connect with you guys :slight_smile:



That’s fine Eliza :slight_smile: Where are you staying in New York?


We found a hotel/hostel in midtown called Pod 51. We got a really good deal, which is great! What about you?


That’s great. Accommodation in New York is so expensive. I am staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Midtown. :slight_smile:



I’m planning to do Disneyland on the free day aswell :slight_smile:

I fly in to San Francisco on the 7th with my parents and are doing a few things with them but I don’t get into LA until the 10th so the day before the tour starts.

After the tour I’m staying in new York until the 27th so I’ve booked the Leo House.
It really is so expensive for accommodation in NY!!

Courtney :slight_smile:


Hi! i am on this trip leaving from Melbourne! can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile:


hi i will be travelling on the 10th from melbourne :slight_smile:


Hi Jennicar, so exciting! It’ll be October before we know it :slight_smile:

Have any of you guys traveled with Topdeck before? My friend and I haven’t, looking forward to meeting lots of new people!

Eliza :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m Elyssa and I’ll be coming solo from Brisbane!
I was going to do Universal for the free day, but now that everyone else seems to be doing Disneyland I might also do that!
I’ll have about 3 days in LA before and 1 day in New York after!

Can’t wait to meet you all!


Forgot to add, it’ll be my birthday the day we head to Vegas! Get ready to party.


Hey Elyssa!
So exciting! I’m considering universal too! I would also looove to do the Warner brothers studio tour - so hard to decide, so many fun things! I’m thinking I may be able to squeeze something in the day before the tour starts.

Oh awesome! So cool that it will be your birthday in Vegas!! How old will you be turning? My friend and I both turn 22 before the trip.

Can’t wait!
Eliza :slight_smile:


It’ll be my 22nd birthday on the 13th!

I’ve been to both Disneyland and Universal before and I love both! I’m going to go to both again this trip through hahah! The back lot tour is awesome - and Harry Pottee world has just opened and I can not wait to go to that!

Just can’t decide which to do on free day, I’d love to not go alone if other people are planning to go somewhere.


Oh cool! Yeah I went to both Disneyland and universal when I was about 12 and loved both and would love to do again! But would be so cool to do the WB tour that I haven’t done before. Just got to decide which one! But we should definitely try and coordinate for the free day :slight_smile:
I’m in the process of planning everything I want to do in NYC too! We are staying an extra 9 days there so want to fit in as much as possible! :slight_smile:


I only have one extra night in NYC :frowning: couldn’t get any extra time off work

I’m so excited to meet everyone!!


Hey Elyssa
What have you got planned before the tour in LA? I am going to Universal Studios on the Sunday before the tour :slight_smile: So I can go to Disneyland on the Free day. Where are you staying in LA before the tour?

That’s so cool your birthday is in Vegas.