Stars & Stripes March 2016


Hey all! I’ve booked for the Stars and Stripes tour in March 2016. Is anyone else going then? I’m traveling solo!


Hi @Brianna_Milne
I’m Sarah, me and my partner Reece are booked for this tour too - were so excited! Where are you travelling from?


Yay that’s awesome! I’m from Australia and will be coming from brissy. What about you?


Hi guys My friend Meg and myself are booked in for this tour too!!so excited we are from Tamworth NSW…


Hi @Brianna_Milne and @alana_alexander
We’re travelling from Melbourne :slight_smile: when do you guys arrive in LA? Are you travelling else where before/after the tour? After the tour we’re doing extra nights in NYC, then travelling to Florida, Texas and Hawaii.


Awesome! I fly the day before so the 12th march. I’m also doing extra nights in NYC staying at a hostel (:


Yeah we are flying the same date…plus doing extra nights in new york then flying to chicago to start another tour which includes nashville,Memphis,new orleans ect…


That’s so cool we’re all doing extra nights in NYC!


So exciting! I think once more people sign up we should start a Facebook group for everyone :slight_smile:


Yeah sounds awesome!super keen.


Hey everyone, i’m also on this tour, coming from Melbourne, but travelling to Canada first, then arrive in LA on the 12th at 3:00pm!! :slight_smile: @brianna_milne @sez_90


Awesome, Kelly! How long will you be in Canada for before starting the tour? Reece and I would love to see Canada one day. I’m assuming everyone here is on Facebook? We should start a Facebook group for our tour :slight_smile: I feel like that would be an easier way to talk to everyone.


Ill be in Canada for 6 days then get to LA on the 12th at 3pm in the afternoon :smile: Yes!!! Lets definitely start a Facebook page!! Feel free to add me. (Kelly Cairns) Cant wait to meet you all!.


Hey everyone, add me on fb - Brianna Milne :smile:
Kelly I added you!


Done :slight_smile: We’ll start a group!!


Did you guys create a group? I’ll add you all shortly :slight_smile:


Having trouble finding you guys on Facebook :frowning: Sarah Euesden if anyone wants to add me :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah, here is the url for me if that helps. I couldn’t find you either!!


Thanks, Kelly! Just added you :slight_smile: so has anyone created a facebook group yet? I wonder if any other people have booked in our tour recently.


Hi @Brianna_Milne @sez_90 My name is Kathryn, I just booked on this tour, travelling from New Zealand. I’m heading to LA on the 9th and staying on in NY as well :smile: