Stars & Stripes June 21st 2016


Hey - I will be travelling alone on the Stars & Stripes tour starting 21 June 2016. Looking to connect with other people on this trip - anyone else going on this tour? :blush::blush:


Hey!! :slight_smile:

My friend Jenny and I are doing the ‘American Dream’ starting 21st June.
you will be with us until New York, then we will be continuing down to Miami!



Oh sweet :slight_smile: I was going to do the American Dream tour, but decided to finish in New York instead and spend a few extra days there instead. Very excited!!


Ah awesome! Yep I definitely want to spend more time in NYC too, but I figured I would go again for a few weeks instead.

After Miami, Jenny is going back to NYC and then to New Orleans to see a friend.
I’ll be going straight to Canada for my moms wedding in Banff - siked!

What date do you get to LA?
We get there on Friday 17th, so we can explore before Topdeck starts.

have you been to the US before?


I’m arriving in LA on the 20th. Was more interested in spending extra time in NY to explore. Wish I could spend more time there, but will hopefully plan another trip and see more of the US.

No, I have never been to the US before so I am very excited. So jealous you are going to Banff…I will get there one day :slight_smile:


I’m Sandy from Sydney. My cousin Kristy and I have booked this trip. We arrive in LA on the 16th June and are staying with a friend until the tour starts. We’re also extending New York by a couple of days at the end.
Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Nice one! Yeah I’m staying longer in NY as well. Too big a place to see in just a couple of days! Can’t wait to go :grinning:


I’ll be on this tour, going by myself but only arriving the morning of


Awesome, well I shall see you there :grinning:



I may be doing the 21st June to 3rd July tour, or if not then the 31st May to 12th June tour as I am just trying to work out which dates work best.

It will be my first time to the US & I will most probably be travelling solo. I have always wanted to go to the US as it has always been on the top of my list so I am looking forward to getting there :smile:


Ok cool, well let me know if you end up on the same tour as me. I’ve never been before and thought it was about time. Can’t wait!!


hey guys so I’m thinking bout doing this trip from LA-Miami on the 21st June, ill be turning 21 in LA :slight_smile: travelling solo
this should be good:)


@bendunthorne @Paul_Reed @Carly_Ramsden @rufuscharlie @JadeR

Are you guys planning to go on this tour (21June to 03July), or you have booked already?
It is looking like this is the best tour dates for me to get leave from work, so looking to probably book in the next month or two. Once it is booked & confirmed, then the exciting countdown can begin :airplane: :tada:


Hey there, yes I am all booked - plus have booked some extra nights in NYC. Can’t wait! :blush:


@lozjo88 @Paul_Reed yeah I’m booked but I’m doing the American Dream one of this trip which coincides with the Stars and Stripes and the golden charm trips :slight_smile: let the Countdown begin;)


Hi All
Paul you are so right in saying that New York is too big to see in a couple of days. It’ll be my 1st time in the states as well. Everything is booked except the flights which I’ll fix up this month!!!
See you all in June :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey Loz

Yeh I have booked also - American dream tour starting on 21st June - ending in Miami :slight_smile:


yay!! that’s awesome, perfect timing, just before going absolutely insane in Vegas


Yeah can’t wait for this trip:) everyone should download the app Tour Radar… Or we should make a Facebook group or something


Sure, will downlaod the app! FB groups sounds good to if people are keen :slight_smile: