Stars & Stripes Feb 2016


I just booked my Stars & Stripes Feb 2016 tour and was just seeing who else was doing this tour as I’m travelling solo


Hi I am also going on this trip and travelling solo!!



I am booked in for Feb 15 and am travelling solo :slight_smile:


Yay someone else :slight_smile: Was starting to think there was only going to be a few of us on this trip lol


I was originally going by myself but my sister is coming with me now. So there’s at least 4 of us haha :joy:


Nice :slight_smile: well 4 is better then a whole tour just by urself and the tour guide haha. Just over two months now. Getting pretty keen


I’m also going on this tour and travelling solo! I’m so glad not everyone is going with someone :relaxed: Where are you all from?


Nice :slight_smile: I’m from Canberra in Australia.


I’m from qld in Australia!


Is anyone else getting in a couple of days early? I’m getting in on the 13th and trying to find some where to stay as the hotel we start in is a lil pricey.


Oh awesome! I’m from Adelaide in Australia, go the Aussies :") I’m getting to the US on the 15th on January but I’m doing a teaching course which includes accommodation so I’m not sure how I could help :frowning: But good luck!


Nice :-). All good I’m staying I. Santa Monica so all good. Man it’s coming up quickly. Wish the aus dollar was doing a bit better lol


Oh wow sounds good! Yes no joke haha this time next week I’ll be on a plane to LA, it’s so so soon and I’m still so unprepared. Yeah I definitely wish the dollar was doing better hahaha, not fun losing a chunk of your money :frowning:


Just cost me $146 for 100 USD :frowning:


Yay! Other people travelling solo!!

I have made a facebook group for anyone who wants to join so we can find eachother when we fly in! I’m staying at the motel we start at the night before! Is anyone else? I’m glad theres some Aussies. I’m from Mount Gambier, SA (500km south of Adelaide)


Hi I’m from qld (brisbane). I’m joining the last leg of this trip, joining in NYC 24-27th as part of the ‘I love NYC’ tour in Feb. Travelling solo as well. Just wondering if anyone is staying on in NYC after the tour? I’m staying on for a week and was wondering if anyone wanted to do some cool ‘token’ things like see a Knicks Game, explore the city/ brooklyn etc???


Latona :slight_smile:


I’ll be travelling solo too and staying at the hotel the night before!