Stars & Stripes December 2016


I am going on the stars and stripes tour on 21 December 2016.

Anyone else going on the tour? Are you going to organise something for NYE prior to going?



Hi I’ve just booked this tour and am looking for fellow travellers! haha what is your Facebook?


I’m booked in to go also. I’ve never been on a tour before so I looking for lots of fun things to do and some fellow travellers :blush:
Does anyone know what we are doing on each day of the tour? Or do we need to book things ourselves! @rachee91 @Courtney.Birkett


oh cool as! most of the people we’ve found so far are going solo and are looking to stay before and after the trip starts/ends. If you log in on the top deck website using your booking reference I think it is, you should be able to access our itinerary. And there’s a topdeck app that’s pretty cool and has what we’re doing everyday. We’ve started a Facebook group if you wanted to join. Feel free to add me or “Rachel Sharp” on Facebook and we’ll add you into the group :slight_smile:


My understanding of Topdeck tours is that you get more ME time instead of it being so structured! As I have previously done 2 contiki tours before! So I’m excited to see how different the tour companies are! I think we just get a list of things we can do and the tour manager sets them up for us :smile: if you can’t find either of us on Facebook, I’ve named the group Topdeck Tour Stars & Stripes - 21 December


Awesome! I’m hoping to lots of fun things with everyone :blush: I’m excited to go but my travel agent hadn’t told me anything unfortunately and I don’t have a booking reference yet.
Add me on Facebook Aleisha Jayne


what does your profile picture look like/where are you from? just to help me try to find you on Facebook!


Hey Girls I’ve also booked this trip to very excited :slight_smile: I’d like to be added to the group on Facebook too not sure either on which ones are your profiles to add :slight_smile: x x


Here’s me on Facebook Yay finally finding some more people :slight_smile:


And this is the facebook group link :slight_smile: so good to finally have more people joining the tour!!!


Awesome thanks girls I have added you! :blush:


Hey girls, I am currently looking to book either Stars and Stripes - 21 Dec with Topdeck
or the Contiki Best of USA … can I ask what made you decide to go with Topdeck over another tour company?



I have only previously done tours through Contiki, so this is my first time going on a Topdeck tour! But have heard great things about them! I mainly did it for the price(as I got a little discount and then will get an early payment discount) but mainly because we will be in New York for NYEs which is added in the tour! Which will be absolutely incredible!!


Oh wow! I think you just sold it to me about being in New York for New Years!! Yeah I am leaning more toward Topdeck at the moment. Thank you for your reply!!


Hey girls :slight_smile: I have just booked this trip in and can’t wait! :smile: I am from Melbourne, Australia!

I will add the group on facebook!

Can’t wait to meet everyone! :slight_smile:


Oops I haven’t checked this forum post in a while! Booked through topdeck as mentioned above for the NYE in NYC and also the price was great and I’ve just heard that topdeck is the classier version of contiki. My travel agent also mentioned that contiki tours are very go go go and scheduled and a lot of tours whereas topdeck is more you have a few things planned, have a lot of free time to do your own thing but your tour guide will recommend places to go. She had been on a topdeck tour herself in Europe and said its a lot more laid back than contiki.

Hi maddi! I see Rachel has already added you to the group! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I have just booked the American Dream Tour which combines the Stars and stripes with Southern Charm. So will be with you for your tour! Am travelling solo. Would love to be added to the Facebook group if I could!


Hi everyone. I’ve just booked this tour. I’m so excited!!! I will add myself to the group on Facebook group too. Can’t wait to meet you all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi everyone, I have also booked to do this tour as a solo traveler. Can’t wait to meet you all!


Hi all, I’m contemplating the Stars and Stripes tour on the 21st as well - NY on New Years Eve is the selling point for me! Does anyone know what you do on New Years? Does Top Deck organise it or does it need to be done before? Also interested to hear if anyone is planning on traveling after :slight_smile: Thanks !