Stars & Stripes August 31st 2016


Hey guys- is there anyone going on this tour? Myself & a friend are traveling from New Zealand to America end of August. Would love to chat to anyone going on this tour before it starts!


Hi my partner and I will be doing this tour as well we are traveling from adelaide Australia it will be our honeymoon


Awesome! What day do you get into LA? You keen to chat so we know each other before the tour :slight_smile:


We are arriving in LA on 28th more than happy to have a chat


Have you downloaded the topdeck app enter your itinary number there is a group chat there too


Tried to download it but don’t have the reference number yet… Waiting for the company I booked from to get back to me with all the details. We are arriving the same day! You could be staying at the same motel as us too


Yeah we are staying at the miyako hotel the same hotel as the tours starts we cant wait hopefully we can find more people to char with maybe a facebook group what do you reckon?


We are staying there too! Maybe add me on Facebook? Hopefully we can find more people before it starts. Name is Sarah Magson :slight_smile:


What is your display picture?


Me and my dog - black and white :slight_smile:


Hey there, I’m a bit late to the party here!

I’ll be travelling from England and doing this trip after a summer camp job in Connecticut. I will also be at the Miyako Hotel from the 28th as I get into LA a few days early.

Would be awesome to get to know people before the trip :smile:


Hey yah, my self & a friend are staying at same motel from the 28th too. Feel free to add me on Facebook! All my details are above! :slight_smile: keen to chat!