Stars & Stripes - 12th December '15!


Hi! My friend and I will be on the Stars and Stripes tour departing LA on the 12th and was wondering who else will be on it! So excited!


Hello there! Yay a fellow traveller! :smiley: I will also be on the tour but travelling by myself :smile: will you be staying in New York longer for Christmas and NYE?


Hey @imellaa and @Tammy87! My friend and I are on this tour as well, eeeeeeeee!! We’re staying a little later as well for Christmas/New Years, but we don’t really know what we’re doing yet! So excited :smile:


Hi @Hannah_Konecny :smiley: how exciting!! I’m thinking of going to Rosie O’Grady’s in Times Square for NYE but not fully decided. Bubba Gumps was my first choice but I’ve heard its $600 to go there :-1: let me know where you’re thinking of going when you decide :smile: can’t wait to meet you all!


Hi girls :slight_smile: I’ll also be on this trip and then continue on the southern charm on Christmas Day! First time traveling solo!


Hey All :slight_smile: I’m Melikes travelling companion


Hello guys! I am Melike for those of you other than @natalietee don’t know… Yes @Tammy87, we’ll be staying in the States an extra 2-3 weeks doing our own travelling, and be in New York for Christmas and New Years, not sure what we’re doing yet though. So excited to meet you all in a few short months! :smile:


So excited to meet you all - not long now! :smile:


Where are you girls from? I’m in the Hunter Valley/ Newcastle Australia :slight_smile:
3 months to go!


Natalie and myself are from Melbourne :slight_smile: and what about you other girls? :smiley: Only 91 days left! (not counting down at all)


Hey guys!
My mate and I are going on this tour too! Looking forward to meet you all. we arrive on the 10dec and hoping to go disneyland on the 11th haha! make the most of it! Staying in New york till the 3rd Jan too :slight_smile: Not long to go!!!


hey everyone!!
my partner jess and I are from adelaide and we will be newlyweds, doing the US & Fiji for our honeymoon!!!
we start in LA on the 7th of Dec before the tour, and staying in new York until the 2nd of Jan
looking forward to meeting you all, can’t wait!!!


Hey guys! It is sooo close now!!! Mitchell and i dont know what to do for new years yet? any ideas?


Ahhhhh so many Aussies! :stuck_out_tongue: My friend Andie and I are from Brisbane! Not long now, weeeeeeee!


Melike and I are arriving on the 10th as well!


Yup! Nat and myself arrive in LA on the 10th! Staying in New York till the 2nd! As for New Years, I feel like we’re all having a pickle on what to do, but Nat and I found this after party at Webster Hall where some cool dj’s/acts are gonna be performing and we’re keen on that! Can’t wait to meet you all, should I start a Facebook group or something beforehand, would everyone be keen to join? :smiley:


Facebook group sounds great! I went on contiki last year and having the fb group beforehand made it so much more comfortable on the first day :slight_smile:


Sounds good!!


Here’s the facebook group guys!
Join in and i’ll accept you! :smile:


Thanks for that :slight_smile: it says content not found though, what is the name oft the group, that might appear!