Stars and Stripes tour USA April 2017


Hi I’m from Australia and have booked this your solo. Just wondering who else may be going ?


Hi is your touring starting on the 11/4/17 from LA. I’m from Australia too and am going by myself .I can’t wait I think it’s going to be a fun adventure


Yes that’s the tour. I can’t wait! Are you staying on in New York ?


I will be staying in New York for a few extra days ,I will be leaving New York and flying home on the 26th .When do you arrive in LA? ,I will be getting there on the sunday and all my Accomddation is going to be at the same hotels as top deck have organised for us already so I don’t have to move around .Im really looking to the trip it’s something ive been wanting to do for ages


I will be staying on in New York ,I will be heading bAck home on the 26th.


Do you have the topdeck app? It is good, has a count down and a few other features and you can chat easier through there.


I just downloaded the app .Thank you for telling me about it