Stars and stripes tour July 2016


I’m all booked to do the stars and stripes tour leaving LA on the 5th of July first time travelling solo so just wanted so see who else is doing this one.

Stars and Stripes July 2016

Hi I’m doing it too- also solo on the 5 July!!!


Awesome when do u get into la n r u spending any time in America after the tour finishes


I’m getting into LA on the 1st July! and not sure about after…what about you?


I’m getting into la on the 4th than after the tour I’m spending 3 more days in NY before flying back to LA n spending afew more days there


can i add you on Facebook - it won’t let me reply to you more than 3 times for some reason so I’m having to edit this reply- hope you see this! and I’m taking a suitcase too, but it has to be certain measurements doesn’t it


Yea I have Facebook I’ll probably take a suitcase n a small backpack for during the day what about u


can you add me on Facebook? it will only real let me post so many replies. my name’s megan bailey and my profile pic is wearing a glitter dress and i have blonde hair.
and taking a suitcase :smile:


Yea sure I’ll look for you now


Hey I’ve just had a look for you on facebook I can’t find you don’t no if u want to try searching for me my name’s jess napier n my profile pic is of me n my best friend at a concert


Hi guys! I’m doing the American Dream tour departing the 5th July (the stars and stripes makes up the first half of it), travelling solo too! Getting to LA on the 4th :smile:


Ok cool yea ill be landing in LA on the 4th of July if we can find each other on Facebook than maybe we can create a group chat or something be abit easier I think as I’m always on Facebook lol


Just added you on fb :smile:


Awesome I just accepted lol ill start up a group for our tour lol


Hi Guys :slight_smile: Have you’s made a FB group for this tour? Myself and a friend will be on it, so excited :grinning: @Jess9124 @Nicki_Jacobs


@GraceKocsis :yum:


Yea I’ve just done it so if u add me on facebook I’ll add u to the group


@BreeShaw @GraceKocsis the group is called “Topdeck - July 5th 2016 USA” :slight_smile: Are you guys just in the US for the tour or doing some other travelling too? :grinning:


hi @Jess9124 , i have just added you :smile:


@Nicki_Jacobs we are starting in orlando for 6 nights, then heading to LA right before the tour starts, then have an extra 7 nights in NY after the tour finishes :smile: what about you?