Stars and Stripes October 25th -LA


Hay guys reaching out to see if anyone else is doing the Stars and Stripes tour on the 25th of October.
Would be awesome to know a few names before we arrive :slight_smile:


Hey Amie, is this the one that starts in LA on the 25th of October? If so I’m doing this one too, but it’s called Golden States for me as I’m not heading to New York after San Fransisco :slight_smile: Where are you travelling from?


Hay hay I’m not sure if that means we will be traveling together? But yeah I leave from LA on the 25th so maybe it’s combined :slight_smile:
I’m from the Gold Coast Aus, how bout you?


Yes I am pretty sure it’s the same tour and then it splits after San Fransisco when you head to New York. Exciting! I’m travelling from solo from Brisbane on the 24th so I think I get into LA early morning the day before the tour starts. When do you get in?


Me and my friend are flying from brissy early morning on the 24th too what’s the bet it’s the same flight! We arrive there in the morning on the 24th so we could have a day to do whatever before the tour
What’s your Facebook?


Ok awesome. Yeah I think I am staying in the Arts District at this cool little hostel the night before because it’s walking distance to the meeting point the next morning. Would love to catch up the day before as I will be by myself :slight_smile: My Facebook is Elyssa Crooks.


I can’t quite remember the name of the place we booked for the night before. Still waiting for all our info to be sent from the travel agent :slight_smile: but for sure we can meet up somewhere. I added that name so hopefully it’s the right one :joy:


Hey guys,

I’m booked on this tour too!!
I swap over to the southern exposure in New York on the last day too :slight_smile:
I’m travelling solo from Melbourne and so bloody excited now!!!

Not long to go :slight_smile:


What day do you fly into LA? :slight_smile:
We only booked on the weekend. Time will go so fast!


I’m getting into LA early morning on the 23rd :blush: We should all defiantly organise a meet up before the tour starts!
Oh that’s exciting! I booked a tour in February next year in April this year but with work and everything decided to change it to October this year, so now I’m literally counting down the days haha


Haha yeah I booked mine on the weekend too Amie. Such a last minute decision but so excited! My flight now gets me into LA late Sunday night so I will be in LA by myself the whole next day before the tour starts so am definitely keen to meet up with some people :slight_smile:


Oh that’s so exciting! This is my first big trip over seas I’ve never been away this long before :tada: What’s your Facebook? I’ll add you and start a group chat so we can all meet up before hand :slight_smile:


Hey guys, add me to the group chat as well, my facebook is under Emily Mardon :slight_smile: Im keen to chat too as this is my first big trip overseas! Or we could make a group facebook page thing for the trip aswell so others can join?


My Facebook for the group chat is Jordyn Ryan and I’m in Melbourne :slight_smile:
I’ve only ever been to Bali for like 2 weeks so this will be a massive thing for me too haha! So exciting! :slight_smile:


Hay Emily, your from New Zealand aren’t you?
I’ll add you now but two Emily’s come up :joy: So fingers crossed I’ve added the right one


Okay I added a Jordyn Ryan from Melbourne fingers crossed its the right one :joy:

I’ll make a group chat and hopefully we can find more people


haha, I just checked, think we may have a problem!
you may have added a different Jordyn Ryan who is mutual friends with one of my friends haha.
my profile pic is of 4 girls :slight_smile:


there are so many Amie Lewis’s for me to try add you haha :joy:


and i’ll sus out your facebook to Emily, hopefully its the right one :slight_smile:


Yup you got the right one :slight_smile: