Stars and stripes june 21th 2016


Hey anyone thinking of booking this tour on this date? B-)


My friend Jenny and I are doing the American Dream tour, which is the same tour as Stars and Stripes but we will continue down to Miami, but Stars and Stripes ppl will finish in New york!




I may be doing the 21st June to 3rd July tour, or if not then the 31st May to 12th June tour as I am just trying to work out which dates work best.

This will be my first time to the US & I will most probably be travelling solo. I have always wanted to go to the US as it has always been on the top of my list so I am looking forward to getting there :smile:


I’m looking at doing this trip as well:)


Are you & your friend booked onto this tour? I haven’t booked yet but I think 21 June is the date which works best for me :smile:


ah how exciting! Yeah this is our first trip to the USA also.

Well if you do join the same date us us, we look forward to meeting you :slight_smile:


There’s a Facebook group for this Trip:)


What’s the group called?

Add me and I’ll add you to it


Friend request sent, to be added to the group. Thanks :smile:


@seanfoyle if your still on this would love to add you into the Facebook group :smile: