Stars and stripes Jun 14th 2016!


Hey guys! Travelling solo on stars and stripes Jun 14th 2016! Just wondering who else is doing it so i can connect with anyone! :smile:


Hey, I have booked this tour for the 14th June 2016 too and also travelling solo :slight_smile:


Yay awesome!! It will be nice to get to know some people before we go! :smile:


yes, I’m so glad theres someone else already booked the tour, it will be good to get to know people before


I’m just confirming all of my fates but am hoping to get on this tour. Would love to get to know some of the people on the trip before hand!


I may do this tour but more likely the 21st June to 3rd July tour, or if not then the 31st May to 12th June tour as I am just trying to work out which dates work best.

It will be my first time to the US & I will most probably be travelling solo. I have always wanted to go to the US as it has always been on the top of my list so I am looking forward to getting there :smile:


Definitely looking forward to meeting people before the tour starts :smile:


All booked! Arriving in LA the day before. Can’t wait to meet everyone! But freaking out lol


Yay how exciting! I will be arriving in LA on the 12th, cant wait to meet you also :smiley:


Ive just booked the same tour. Im travelling solo so itd be nice to get to know people before I head over.


Yay!! It would be great to get to know you before hand


Hey guys! I’m booked on this tour and I’m also travelling solo. I arrive in LA on the 12th too :smile:


Oh yay more people :smile:


Just curious. Is anybody staying on in new York after the tour?


I am but only for 2 days


Do you know where abouts were staying in NY on the tour?? Still waiting for my travel agent to send me the accommodation list and I need to book extra accommodation


Yeah I think we’re staying at the Comfort Inn Midtown West [548 West 48th Street] :slight_smile:


I’m flying solo! :slight_smile: bring on Vegas!


I’m staying at the local nyc hostel


Ended up booking the sun bright hostel in soho