Stars and Stripes Jan 2017


Hey guys,
I am going on the Stars and Stripes tour on the 11th of Jan? I’m travelling solo. Anyone else??


im also solo travelling in january!


Awesome! Are you on this tour? When do you get to LA?


Hey guys,

My friend Tamara and I are also on this tour. We are staying at the tour hotel on the night before the tour starts. Is anyone else? Maybe we could meet up if so.



That’s awesome! I’m staying at a different place but would love to meet up in LA!


I am looking to book this tour on the 11th Jan too. Is anyone travelling from Australia? I’m 30yrs and will be solo too.


I’m 23 and traveling solo from Sydney.


My friend Victoria and I are doing the golden states part of this tour, we are 25 from Sydney :slight_smile:



I am from Melbourne! I’m doing this one aswell! I’m solo too!


Hey, I’m doing this trip too but as a part of the “Golden States” trip instead :slight_smile: