Stars and Stripes Feed back


Hi guys,
I am looking at doing the stars and stripes tour starting in LA next year in May 2017…
Just wondering who has done this trip? Would love to ask you some questions!
I am 24 and from Melbourne. I want to do one big solo trip before I settle down and have kids haha
Thanks guys x


Hi there I’ve just dine this trio. Also solo :slight_smile:


I did this trip in May/June. It was a great experience and I’m so glad I went! What would you like to know? I looked everywhere for reviews before I went and I couldn’t find any, so feel free to ask away!! :slight_smile:


Hi Keely,

I done this tour back in May 2015 and absolutely loved it! I also travelled by myself, it was nerve racking at first, but most of my tour were solo travellers! The parts I loved the most about this tour, were probably San Francisco and New York! Vegas is pretty amazing too! You can do heaps of your own thing and also lots of planned things with your tour group. If you get the chance, take the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, it was breath taking!
Hopefully this convinces you to book, I’m about to book a trip to Canada for next year! Let me know if you wanna know anything else :slight_smile:

Nicole x


Hi Nicole, im doing this trip in december and i was wondering how early or late the flight was to NYC from Sanfran? im meeting family in new york so if you have a rough time of when you arrived that would be super helpful!

Emily x


We flew out at around 6am. But they occasionally do later afternoon ones


Hey Emily,
We flew from San Fran around lunchtime, and arrived in NYC late evening, say 10pm-ish. We got to our hotel after midnight!


okay beautiful, were you aloud to explore as soon as you got there even though its late aha


Hi Guys
I am doing the tour in October and I am just wondering what time will we arrive back in Las Vegas on the day trip to the Grand Canyon? There is a basketball game that night that I would love to go but I don’t want to get tickets if they are going to go to waste.



Yea, you’re allowed to go out and explore, but you have an early morning the next day (8:30am), not as early as some of the other days!


Hi Sophie,

I think we got back to the hotel around 8:30pm, its a huge day! I think we left the hotel at 7am, it was around a 4 hour drive out to the canyon.



okay perfect, and is there also wifi on the bus? and did you pre book alcatraz? is there a lot of free time available in san fran and vegas? and also how long do u spend in LA at the beverly hills, vencie beach and santa monica tour?


My group flew out of San Fran at about 6am too. With 5 hour flight and 3 hour time difference to New York, I think we arrived at JFK airport around 2pm… but it took a few more hours to get to the hotel with NYC traffic! We had dinner, went to see Times Square as the sun set, and pretty much crashed cause we’d been up since 4.30am!
Top Deck doesn’t really impose curfews on you… if you want to stay out all night you can, but they do ask that you be respectful of your roommate, hotel staff etc. They basically told us if people did stupid things and got in trouble they wouldn’t be bailing them out, and if we missed the bus/plane, we’d have to make our own arrangements. Fair enough!

The Grand Canyon… I chose to stay in Vegas that day because I really wanted to see a concert that night and the group who went didn’t get back to the hotel til 10pm! (I believe the reason it was so late was because of the times available for helicopter flights some people were doing.)
That being considered, you really have only one day to explore Vegas.

San Fran you have a day and a half of free time. You definitely need to pre book Alcatraz!

The LA tour is very fast. We were probably in Venice Beach and Santa Monica about an hour each. Maybe a bit longer than that in Hollywood. Beverly Hills we pretty much took a photo and left!

If there was wifi on the bus I couldn’t get it working. 4 of our 5 hotels had free wifi (Vegas had paid wifi about $15 per day) I definitely recommend having some kind of phone plan or international sim card for calls and data though- if you’re at Disneyland and lose contact with your group, or get lost exploring San Fran and need Google maps, you’ll be glad you’ve got it! Also highly recommend getting a portable phone charger!!!


Hey Emily,

I don’t think there was Wi-Fi on my coach, but it might’ve changed in the year and half!

Yup, we pre-booked Alcatraz, wear comfy shoes, lots of walking!
We had a full free day in vegas, which myself and a couple of other people went to the shooting range, and the other day you went to the canyon. If you get the helicopter out to the canyon, I think you have the morning in vegas.
In San Fran, I think you have maybe a day and a half/2 days free, I cant remember sorry!
with LA/Santa Monica/Venice beach, its only a couple of hours, not long at all!


Great thanks for the info.

I am thinking I am going to book the Helicopter Tour out to the Grand Canyon because there is a basketball game that night that I want to go to.


should come on our stars and stripes. 19th September


Hey Emily. I’m doing the Stars and Stripes dec 11th. My friend and I booked but there could be a chance I’ll be solo. Has there been a Facebook group created yet? I’m from Adelaide sa.


hey, thats good to hear
we do have a facebook group,
whats your facebook name and i will add you. ill also copy and past the link below, just incase it doesn’t work


Hi I’m doing this tour solo departing April 11 2017. Anyone else ?