Stars and Stripes - ex LA 2nd May 2017


Hey Everyone.

I’m Emma from Perth, Western Australia and I’ve booked this trip departing LA on 2nd May 2017 traveling solo.

Anyone else booked on this?

Looking to chat to any fellow travellers before the trip :blush:


Hi I think I might be doing the NYC part of this trip!



Yea I have just booked into it. I am doing it from LA to NYC solo.
Am from Melbourne name is Brent :blush:


Hey. Its good to see some replies on the tour post. Hopefully we get some more as it gets closer :slight_smile:

I get into the US on the 1st. When do you arrive into LA?


Yea it would be good to touch base with a few, when I get the details back will get on the app apparently it’s handy to chat with everyone.
I land in the US about the 20 April, I have got a week in Mexico, then week or so in the US (not sure where yet) with mates and am aiming to be back in LA around the 1/2 May when they fly back home.
Will come around quick, am all ready counting down the days left of work. :yum:


Yea the app is pretty handy. I’m on the chat but only with one other person so far


Hi, my name is Amy and I’m going on this trip solo. Who’s heading out to LA on May 1st? Anyone going from Brisbane? Should meet up. First solo trip, but I’ve been over before. So excited.


Hi Amy. I think we’ve spoken on the app chat? :blush:
Are you staying at the tour hotel the night before?


Hi, yeah spoke to you on the app. I am staying at the hotel the night before, are you? What time does your flight land in LA?


Yep I’m booked into the hotel as well. I get into LA at around 6am on the 1st. You?

I contacted Topdeck and there are 32 people booked. Good size group. Hopefully we get some others on here to chat with before the trip.

50 days to go! scary exciting now :slight_smile: :grin:


Yeah I’m landing at that time as well.

Hopefully we get in contact with other people as well.

Have you decided on the optional activity for day 2?

I have a countdown going on my phone and look at it everyday. :slight_smile:


okay cool.

I’m thinking Universal Studios for the 2nd day.

haha same. I check it everyday as well :grinning:


Hey, my name is Keely and I’m from Melbourne. This will be my first solo overseas trip. I fly out on the 27th of April and I am spending 4-5 days at Disneyland before coming back to LA and staying at the hotel the night before :blush:


Hi Keely, my name is Emma. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

I’m from Perth and flying into LA the day before and also staying at the tour hotel the night before. Will be good to catch up with a few people the day before the trip starts