Stars and stripes December 2016


Hey guys,

Just booked my Stars and Stripes tour leaving on December 11th 2016. I’m a 24 yr old Australian chick from Brisbane. Anyone else on this tour??

So unbelievably excited!!!


Hey! I’m just about to book the same tour. I’m also from Australia, Melbourne though!
I’m 20, hopefully we can chat some more :slight_smile:


Hey Kate,

Awesome! I wasn’t sure if anyone had planned it this far in advance haha. And a another Aussie! Where abouts in Melbourne are you from? The city or just outside the city? :smiley:


Hey! We have a small FB group for end of year departures - we are mostly doing the Coast to Coast and New Years in NYC - But you’re welcome to join as we talk mostly America and the excitement of counting down haha :slight_smile:


Heck yes. I’d love to join. What’s it called so I can join it :smile:


Topdeck 2016/17 - only 6 of us so far haha! Let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll try add you with your fb name :slight_smile:



Can’t seem to find it… My Facebook is Megan Kate. Haha hopefully we’ll work it out haha :smile:


Haha me either! I’m about an hour out of the CBD in Melbourne :slight_smile: Glad to see another aussie going too


Yes for sure… Have you booked flights or anything? :smile:


No not yet! I spoke with someone from Topdeck and they said to get into LA a day before in case flights are delayed though. I’ve never travelled alone so it’s a bit nerve racking haha


Yes! I’ve been told the same. I am also travelling by myself and I’ve never travelled before. I’ve been around Australia and New Zealand but no where near a trip to LA. Are you hanging around after the tour? :


I haven’t even been around Australia so this will be a huge trip for me haha!
I don’t think so, I’ll probably want to come home for Christmas but New Years would be so cool in New York!! What about you are you planning to hang around a while?



Yeah I’m staying in New York for an extra 2 days… I just booked my flights today so it’s official. I’m definitely going… So crazy and exciting!! Just gotta get through this year of uni. Do you work or go to uni? :smiley:



Always good to know there’s others on the trip. Haha. I think there’s a few of us where this is out first big trip… I’ve been to NZ but that’s as far as I’ve gone. It’s so exciting! Just gotta get through the whole year!! Seems so long away :smile:


Hey! I go to uni, in my last year of youth work so this trip will be a little celebration for me! what about you?


Nice!! What a great celebration. I am doing my third year of teaching and this is my celebration. I decided to go this year because next year gets hectic and the same time next year I’ll be madly trying to plan and move so this year was better haha. I think this trip is such good motivation. Everytime I’m stressed I’m like keep going, you’re going to America hahaha :smiley:


Hey, well I’ve been planning (talking) about my trip for the last two-ish years. I was supposed to go last year around December with my Aunty (not on a top deck tour) but it got postponed and I was so disappointed :slightly_frowning_face: Anyway I decided “stuff it!” I’ll go by myself and do a tour year (which I love this one coz it takes me almost to all the places I want to see) and I’ve always wanted to go to the USA. I just work here in Mackay, no uni for me (never went). My plan is too get there on the 8th dec (spend two days at Disneyland) meet up with the tour on the 11th and fly back when it finishes on the 23rd and get home on Christmas Day.


Kate, definitely a great celebration trip! And Meg, wow timing fitted perfectly. I just decided I’m not waiting another bloody year to go, everything worked out well for this year, didn’t want to put it off again and risk the chance of not being able to go again! Coz of something thy may or may not happen.


Yeahh I wanted to go earlier but I have something on til the 9th so that didn’t happen. I was just planning on heading to Disneyland on our free day. I don’t need to go on rides I just need to see the parade and get some ears haha.
I met another guy going on our trip. He’s from Newcastle so at least there’s 4 of us so far. Now that I’ve booked everything I like oh damnit… I wish I’d done more haha. I’m staying in New York for an extra day so keen haha.


I get to LA on the 10th so we can meet up then before the tour starts! The flights were soooo expensive haha.
I’m wanting to go to Disneyland too, even if it is just for the ears! I’m so excited even though its so far away