Stars and Stripes 2nd August 2016



I’m booked onto the Stars and Stripes tour leaving LA in 2nd August 2016
Anyone else out there?!



Hi Cat,

I’m also booked for August 2, can’t wait!


Hey Cat & Jack,

Me and my partner Daniel are on this tour too! So pumped, it will be here before we know it!

Are you both solo travellers?



Yes I’m a solo traveller from Yorkshire in the UK. Where are you guys from? I’m getting really excited! I keep logging into the app to see the days countdown!


We’re from Melbourne in Australia. We’re so excited!! Have you been to the US before?


Great! No I’ve never been so thought this tour would be a good way to start sort of like highlights! What about you?


Yeah this tour should be great to see all the main attractions :slight_smile: I have been a couple of times but haven’t been to New York & San Fran since I was super young so I’m really looking forward to it. Not long now!