Stars and Stripes - 28th June


Hi Guys,

Its only 12 weeks away, not that i’m counting! But just wanted to see if there was anyone on this trip? I’ll be traveling from a friends wedding in Canada and thought i’d say hi.

Looking forward to it.


Hi Emily!
I’m doing the Golden States Tour starting on the 28th June - I’m pretty sure the Stars and Stripes starts with the golden states and we just finish in San Fran and you guys continue onto New York :smile:

Are you starting in LA?

Kate :smile:


I’m with @kate_i on the golden states tour. So I think we are all together on this tour together. How exciting more people joining. When do you get in LA? I’m heading to Canada after this tour


Hi ladies,

So sorry for the late reply, I’ll be in LA from the evening of the 26th, i’m coming from my friends wedding in Canada.

Very excited!! Not long now yay :D:D


No worries! Sorry for my late reply!! We are both arriving the day before on the 27th! Will be good to meet you and everyone!
So exited it’s less than 3 weeks away!!! :grin: