Stars and Stripes 28th August 2018


Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I am a solo traveller coming from Brisbane to do the Stars and Stripes tour on the 28th of August 2018. Just looking to see who else has booked this tour? Wanting to hopefully get to know some people before I go. I’ll be flying into LA on the 27th so ill be there a day before the tour actually starts. Hope to hear from some of you soon :smile:


Hi Kayla! I’ve just booked onto this tour, also a solo traveller coming from London! I will probably head to LA on the 27th too so would be great to meet some people doing the same!


Oh that’s so cool! Glad I’m not the only one. I’m coming a bit earlier so it’ll be good to get to know some people before the tour starts :blush:


I’m staying a few extra days in New York after the tours officially finished. Anyone else doing the same? :blush:


I am also a solo traveller, from Sydney though! I am doing the Stars and Stripes tour in August but from the 14th!


Late to this but I just booked this trip as well! Solo traveller from Melbourne. I’m planning on staying a few extra days in New York as well and maybe get to LA a couple of days early :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! My name is Lauren and I’ll also be on the Stars and Stripes tour starting 28th August. I’m a solo traveller from Adelaide, Australia and will be staying a couple of extra days in New York :slight_smile:


That’s so exciting! I’m glad I’m not the only one staying a few extra days! :blush:
Where are you girls saying for you extra nights?


Yes! I’m staying a couple of extra nights at the hotel the trip finishes in for New York (Holiday Inn I believe). What about you guys? :slight_smile:


I’m not sure where I’m spending my extra nights yet so I would love to hear where everyone else is to get some ideas! I’ll be arriving in LA on the 26th so I’m considering staying in the hotel where we meet in the morning on the 28th :slight_smile:


I’m staying at the Hudson for my extra nights in New York which is like 300 meters from Central Park. Im also getting into LA on the 26th! Im staying at the hotel where the tour starts from. Just so I don’t have to worry finding my way around on my own haha


Awesome :slight_smile: I think I’ll stay there too so I don’t have to worry about traveling to the hotel in the morning when we meet


Hi everyone! Im shannon from adelaide and im also doing the stars and stripes topdeck on the 28th… im also travelling solo so would love to have someone to explore LA with before the tour… i arrive on the 25th :blush: and ill be in ny for a few days afterwards doing another topdeck :yum: cant wait!!


Hey Shannon/everyone! That’s so cool someone else is solo from Adelaide too! I’m saying in LA at the hotel we’re staying at the night before the tour starts. I’m now staying at the Roosevelt for three extra nights in New York. Feel free to add me on Facebook/Instagram :slight_smile:


Amazing! Whats your last name i will add you x


Marasco :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! Also going on this trip… I didn’t even realise there was a forum! I’ve just been looking at the chat on the Topdeck app. I will also be arriving a few days early and staying at the Miyako hotel :slight_smile:


Hi everyone :slight_smile: My name is Anna :slight_smile: Looks like I will be arriving in LA on 25.08. :slight_smile: I am only doing the Golden States tour, but Stars and Stripes are also combined with it if I’m not mistaken? I’ll be coming from London :slight_smile: Girls can I add you on FB as well? :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile: I’m from London too, but will probably be flying out on 25th to have a few extra days :slight_smile: going on the Golden States tour only though


Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone else is interested in going to Alcatraz in San Fran? I’m thinking of getting onto the tickets pretty soon since I’ve heard you need to do it a coupe of weeks early :slight_smile: