Stars and Stripes 23rd Oct 2018


Hey everyone! Just touching base to see if anyone else is doing Stars and Stripes departing on Oct 23rd 2018.
I’m a solo traveller from Perth, doing some travel in Canada pre-tour, and planning to stay in NYC an extra night at the end then head up to Niagara Falls as the grand finale of the trip!
Can’t wait!! :smile:


Hey Melanie!

I’m on this same trip on the 23rd too. Travelling from Adelaide and spending the night in LA before the trip starts, then an extra night in New York as well once it finishes.

Look forward to meeting everyone :smile:!


Hi Richard!

Cool, I’ll be getting into LA the day before and doing the extra night in NYC!
Looking into booking Alcatraz soon for that free day in San Fran. I feel unorganised and that I should be booking more! Just stuff like going to an ice hockey game (or some sort of sporting event), and broadway show etc. Good to hear from someone doing the same trip! Gonna be soooooo good!