Stars and stripes 20th September


Hi I start on start on Stars and Stripes September 20th 2016-oct 2nd then flying from New York afterwards to san fran driving from san fran in a mustang to La via a couple of spots & a couple of days . leave back to Sydney 4th Oct

What are people planning to do ?


Hey, I’m on this tour as well.

I’m flying to LA on the 18th Sep.
And after the tour I’m staying in NY until the 4th and then flying to New Orleans until the 12th, then back home to Brisbane.

I’m thinking of doing Disneyland or universal studios.

What about you?


Nice . what are you doing 19th September ?


I arrive in then morning .Don’t know yet but thought we might have Disneyland /Universal studios as part of our tour option


im arriving on the 18th as well… was thinking about doing disneyland but im travelling solo… not sure how fun it’ll be alone. Im only doing the west coast of this tour… finishing in san fran


I’ve made a Facebook group, so it is easier for us to talk. (Due to only being allowed to post three comments on here)

It’s called 'stars & stripes September 20th 2016 (top deck)'

And Amanda, I’m going to Disneyland on the 19th by myself… If you would like to join.


great idea Donna… i had been looking at goimg to Santa Monica Pier too… too many options, so little time :smile:
I have sent a request for the group


hi guys I’m planning to book this trip tomorrow also! travelling solo swell I’ve requested the fb page