Stars and Stripes 10th October 2017


Hollaaaaa, Even though this is super early I thought I’d see if anyone else has booked this tour! Also does anyone who has done a topdeck in the USA before know if there is WIFI on the coaches?

SO excited, can’t wait for October! :smiley:


I’m also on this tour - so excited.
As for the wifi, not so sure…


Congrats for your trip. Unfortunatly I’ve to miss the tour for some problem :pensive: :disappointed:
You guys have fun and best of luck :relaxed:


I just booked this tour as well!!! Woo can’t wait :blush::blush:


Yay! So excited to meet so many new people! :slight_smile:


Woohoo! Are you flying solo? :blush:


Yep!! Flying solo!! You?


How exciting! I’m coming with my brother and sister :slight_smile: are you getting there just in time for the trip or gonna spend some time there before? :smile:


Oh awesome!!!
Yep I’m flying into LA on the 8th!! And also have two extra days at the end in New York :blush::blush:


I have just done this tour last month and got back last Thursday. It was a pretty amazing tour!:blush:

As for wifi, sadly no wifi. Someone on my tour did find a hotspot on the off occassion and they think you would have to pay for a set time limit on the bus but our tour guide didn’t know anything about it. All the hotels we stayed at heaps of free wifi! I bought a sim card which I was very grateful for but I used wifi heaps whenever I could!

If you have any more questions about the tour just message me😊

Happy Travelling :blush:


Hi…I’m so excited to be going on this tour!!!..I’m going solo…and getting in the day before and staying where the tour leaves from…hoping to chat to some people before we go to get to know some people…looking forward to making some new friends:slight_smile:


Hi, I am travelling solo on the tour. Its my first trip to the USA. I will be arriving in LA a day early and staying an extra night in NY at the end of the tour. Has anyone pre-booked any day trips yet?


Hi all, I will be travelling solo on the trip. I will be in LA for a couple of days prior. On our free time day in LA will anyone be doing any of the optional extras either Disneyland or Universal Studios?


Hey did you have he todeck app yet? Or Facebook because we’ve got a chat going on the app and a Facebook group also :slight_smile:️ Send me your email address and I’ll add you!


Hey we’ve got a chat going on the topdeck app and a Facebook group also :slight_smile:️ Send me your email address and I’ll add you!


Sweet thanks its


Hi Talia, thanks for your reply. I received details of the top deck app shortly after I posted a message on this site. Talk soon. :smile:


I’ve added you to the Facebook group :slight_smile:️ Think a request should come through


Hi everyone! I’ll be joining this tour also - travelling solo. I’ll be arriving in LA on the 8th should anyone want to join me for some disneyland/Hollywood sign/Universal studios activities! :slight_smile: Kaily x


We’ll be disney on the 7th and 8th! :slight_smile: