Stars and Stripe Tours 6th September - 18th September


Is anyone else booked on this tour


Hi @taza86, I am! And then start the Southern Exposure on the 18 September :slight_smile: have you booked?


Hey Teghan, yes I am fully booked and paid for I am then doing a USA Canada tour.


Awesome :slight_smile: I’ll see you there!


Hi guys!!! I am also on this tour! I’m assuming this is for 2016?? So excited! Guess I’ll see you there :slight_smile: xx


Yes we are talking about 2016.


Hi @RachelHonor! Woohoo so excited. Are you doing any other tours before/after?


Hi Teaghan- no i’m only doing stars and stripes then independent travel to Orlando!


Hey guys,

Just wondering if you’ve had a look at your trip notes for this tour? For some reason mine is saying our accommodation is in Washington, D.C.?? @RachelHonor @taza86

So confused!


Hey I think it’s a mistake we don’t go to Washington DC on this tour


I am doing a USA Canada tour after travelling around a couple of other states


Yeah I’m sure it’s a mistake considering Washington is over 3 hours away haha! Have you got yours? Does yours say the same?

Also where abouts are you from? I’m from the Gold Coast and leave from Brisbane on the 5th of September :slight_smile: @taza86


No but can you upload the rest of the accomodation mine doesn’t list anything. I am in Brisbane and I leave on the 3rd of September


That’s all that’s listed so far :smile: oh cool! Where are you staying before the tour starts @taza86 ? Im staying at miyako the night before which is where our tour starts.


I am staying at the line hotel


Okay cool :slight_smile: well let me know if you want to catch up on the 5th, I get in at 7am so will have the whole day @taza86


Sure lets talk about it a bit closer to the date it may take a while to clear customs so you might not be out till closer to midday.


Hey Teghan I have spoken to friends who have cleared customs in LA I hear worse case it’s two hours. I was thinking of going to universal studios on the day you get in and doing the vip tour. Let me know what you think.



Yeah I was thinking of maybe doing the same thing, I was looking at the universal website on Wednesday thinking I’d get a VIP ticket :smile:

If I get in at 7 and don’t get out til 9, by the time I get to my hotel and then to universal might not be til about 10.30-11 but I think that should be fine.

If you want to add me on Facebook so it’s easier to chat feel free :slight_smile: just search Teaghan Hornby and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one.

Talk soon!


Hi Girls!!! Sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I spoke with the company today and I believe it is a definite error. The girl I spoke to said that we are staying at the Express Holiday Inn Manhattan… which i believe is on the Upper West side about 4 blocks west from times square and 4 blocks south of central park! I arrive in the states at 7am on the 5th as well @teaghan1993!!! What were you guys planning on doing?? Are you organising pre-accomodation at the Miyako Hotel? Or elsewhere??

Hope you had a great Christmas!!! Less than 8 months till the trip :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: