Star Spangled Banner Ex. LA 21st July 2017


Hi everyone. My name is Rae and I will be travelling the US with a my friend Lyndall. We both did a Top deck tour around Europe few years ago and had a blast! Really looking forward to this trip!!!

Just wondering if there is anyone else booked on this trip?


Hi! We have just booked this tour on the same dates! Never done a tour with top deck before so not sure what to expect :slight_smile:


Hi, I have booked this trip also! Solo traveller here. I did a Top deck tour around Europe a few years ago also. I am pretty excited for this one!!! :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile: I have also booked this trip and i’m also a solo traveller. I have never done a tour with top deck before.


Lovely to meet you guys!

Where are you all from? and do you plan on doing any traveling before/after the tour?


I’m from Denmark. I’ve have planned a few days in LA before the tour starts and after the tour ends I will stay in New York for two days and take a day trip to DC. What about yourself?


Wow I would love to go to Denmark!

My friend Lyndall and I are from Canberra, Australia. We are staying in NY after the tour for a few days then we are going to Nashville, then Orlando Universal Studios (I’m a huge Harry Potter fan :wink:)


I’m surprised that you even know of Denmark :wink:

I’ve always wanted to go to Australia!

Oh that sounds fun! how long will you be staying in Orlando?


I am from Melbourne, Australia. I am in LA for the day prior and NY for a day after. I am going to Auckland on my way home for 3 days :slight_smile:
Nice to meet you all too!


Hi everyone! I’m Bridget and I’ve just booked this trip. I’m a first time solo traveler from Australia so I’m kind of nervous but I’d love to get to know you all :grin:


oh wow ! thats awesome! so many aussies! Sav & I are from Perth and we’ll be joined by 3 other people 2 from Perth and one from Toronto! I’m so stoked for this trip !


Hey All! This will be my first TopDeck tour and I’m flying solo! 24, from NSW and looking forward to meeting new faces on a power-packed trip!