Star Spangled Banner - 30th June to 13th July


Hello all.

Wondering if anyone else is going on this tour mid year.
I’m travelling solo (as per usual)…and I’m from Melbourne, Victoria



hey fairly late i realise but i’m planning on booking this tour in the coming days hearing back from work and uni… Are you planning on doing anything pre-post trip ?


Hey Jaz!
I’m flying into LA, so I get there Wednesday morning. Tour starts on Friday. Wanted to do Disneyland or Universal Studios on the Thursday!
Let me know how you go booking!


Hey all, i am considering this trip; never been on a contiki trip before let alone the states, was wondering if the 14 days is enough time, most likely will stay on an extra week or so, what about everyone else?
i was looking into other trips that dont include LA so i could wonder off and do my own thing in LA but still deciding.
p.s im from sydney, australia!


I only gave 3 weeks off for work so it’s a good amount of time for me. If I were you I would get there earlier or stay later or do both of you have the time :slight_smile:


I’m thinking i might head to vancouver/whistler after new york just for a few days each then fly home from vancouver !!! im excited, are you going to stay in the topdeck reccommended place or a hostel in LA before hand?


Ohhhh that sounds fun!
I haven’t booked accommodation for the previous two nights yet. I will soon though. :slight_smile:


My Friend and I are from Adelaide and we will be on the trip :slight_smile:


Oh awesome! I’m on my own…unfortunately staying elsewhere two nights before. I’m from Melb :slight_smile: