Star Spangled banner - 22nd September 2018 (NFL Game on 23rd)



So I’m heading on the Star spangled banner trip from the 22nd on wards (heading over earlier if anyone else is also) and I’m looking at heading to an NFL game. I just seen that on the 23rd while in LA there is a big game between both LA sides (Chargers vs Rams) being played in LA at around 1pm but the tickets look to be selling fast.

So I was wondering If anyone is going on the same trip and was interested in heading to a game/That game if you’d like me to pre organise some tickets that way its all set in stone? just throwing it out there if anyone’s interested as it’s on the one full free day we have in LA and people obviously will have there own things on the bucket list they’ll want to do. (There will also be a game in Oakland while in San Fransico so that could be an option also for anyone wanting to go to a game but wanna make the most of LA)

Peace! :v:t3: