Star Spangled Banner 21 Dec 2017 - 3rd Jan 2018


Just wondering if anyone else out there has booked this trip! I know it’s incredibly early but let’s face it - it’s Christmas and New Year plans, who wouldn’t be a little over-excited? :grinning: :fireworks::christmas_tree::snowman2::statue_of_liberty:


My best friend and I are close to booking! Just finalising things with our travel agent. New Years in New York City is a dream of ours :heart_eyes::statue_of_liberty:


New Years in New York is pretty much the reason I booked! That and Christmas at the Grand Canyon :heart_eyes: Can’t wait!


Hi There! My boyfriend and I have booked this trip as well!! Super excited too!! :smile::christmas_tree::fireworks:


Awesome! Where is everyone coming from?


My friend and I booked this today, both of us are coming from Canberra. NYE in NYC will be amazing!