Star Spangled Banner 19th May - 31st May 2018


Hi guys. My name is Lauren and I’m booked to go on the Star Spangled banner next year in May. Just seeing who else may be on this trip or will be in LA/NY on either side of these dates :grinning:

First time traveller!


I hope to be! I think I fly into NY around the 9th of May, and fly back to Australia on the 1st of June :slight_smile:


I’m hoping to be going on this trip as a 21st birthday present to myself!! Just need to get the confidence to book it! I have never travelled before either!


Yeah, you should do it! I’ve been hesitating for years

Do you turn 21 before or after the trip?


Exciting! Will you be in NY either side of the trip?


That’s an awesome gift! You definitely won’t regret doing it :slight_smile:


Yep!, but I think I want to go down to DC for a few days first and I’ve only got a day at the end of the trip before I need to fly back

What about you?


Hi Guys,

I will also be doing this trip.

I’m Jack, I’m 25 and I’m from Melbourne.