Split to Split September 1st, 2012


Hey there! Anybody else looking at booking the September 1st Split to Split Cruise?


I just booked this trip! Travelling by myself !


Hi all,

I just booked this trip too… I am also travelling solo.

Very excited… should be an awesome week!

Tess :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I’m jumping on this party boat too and I’m also travelling solo.
Will be in Split early the day before if anyone wants to start the festivities early!

Keen to see you all there



Hi Tom,

I’ll be in Split from the 30th staying at a backpackers for a couple of nights before we set sail…

A few drinks may be in order!



Hey guys,

I just booked this trip I’m traveling solo aswell. Can’t wait to get some sunshine!



Hey guys,

Its getting pretty close now. When does everyone get to Split? I get there the day before.


Hi all,

I’m arriving on the 30th Aug if all goes to plan…

Getting pretty keen for this trip!


Cool I get there on the 31st I’m doing the Greek Islands first. Feel free to add me on facebook if you want I’m Sean Morgan and am waring a black jumper and standing in front of a castle.


Hey everyone, I’m also jumping in on this one, so excited for some summer sun! I’m arriving in Split on the 29th, so if anyone’s around and keen for a drink or 2, give me a shout ;D


Hey :slight_smile: My friend and I arrive on the 29th to split as well, can’t wait for this sailing trip! See you all soon! :smiley:

Also, We’ve been backpacking for 3 months so we can’t take “a small bag” do you guys reckon we’ll be allowed to take our 20kg backpack??


I just arrived in split staying at the booze and snooze hostel so if anyone’s about let me no :slight_smile:


Also doing this trip!

Cass, I am also staying at Booze and Snooze,


Ok sweet wanna meet up? I wAs gonna join the dinner with Alex if u have seen thAt sign around? At 7pm tonight