Split to Split departing 13 August Vrgada


Hi all! Just wondering if anyone here is doing the Split to Split sailing trip, departing 13th August? Vrgada boat? My boyfriend and I are doing it as part of a 2 month holiday around Europe, it’d be cool to get to know anyone else who is doing this trip :slight_smile:


Hi Shardae,
My bf and I are doing the same tour! It’s in the middle of our 2 month trip as well! Are you guys doing any other topdeck tours?


Hi Shann!
Good to meet someone else doing it :slight_smile: We’re not doing any other Topdeck tours, just making our way around Europe ourselves for the majority of it. How about you? Where else in Europe are you planning to go?


We start in london, then do a 22day topdeck tour which just goes to all the usual places. From there we go by ourselves to Barcelona, Almalfi coast, then the croatia cruise then we finish up in greek islands. We are on the countdown! what date do you guys leave? Where else do you go?


Wow sounds awesome! We start in Paris and then we’re going around Germany then Venice, and then we do the sailing trip, and then we’ll see some more of Italy, Southern France and then London. We leave right at the end of July, how about you?


ah nice, your trip sounds awesome too! We leave at the start of July so 24 days to go haha
Well I hope you guys have a great trip, I suppose we will see you on the boat hey! Can’t wait ;D