Spirit on Europe 14th June- 7th July


Hi everyone.
I’m travelling solo with the 24 day Spirit of Europe and would love to hear from anyone else doing this tour :slight_smile:


Hi Mallory, I’m travelling solo on this tour too :slight_smile: where abouts are you from? Can’t believe how close its getting!


Hey Mallory I’m also traveling solo on this tour!


I know it’s so soon! Too exciting. I’m from Sydney :slight_smile: you?


Oh cool, I’m from Rotorua, NZ :slight_smile:


Hey guys, its alex here… Im travelling solo too! just over a 3 weeks until the adventure starts… must say feeling quite excited!!! and ohhh flying solo as well…


Ah I know it’s exciting :slight_smile: is anyone staying at Wombats before the tour??


i am… i arrive there on 12th June… :slight_smile:


Ah cool! I get in on the 11th :slight_smile:


I will be there the 13th :slight_smile:


Awesome! Message me when you guys get in and we could get a drink or something :slight_smile:


sounds good Stacey! :slight_smile:


Hi im joining this trip on the 22nd in Rome. Travelling by myself. Excited to go on this trip and meet new people. I’ve lived in Rome for the past 10 months and now going back home to the UK.