Spirit Of Europe


Hi All,

My name is Luke and I am from Canberra Aus, and I am going on the Spirit of Europe Tour Departing 18 Sep 2012. Just wondering who else is going on this tour at the same time and any advice you might be able to give me about it. It’s my first solo travel to Europe and I am pretty excited about it.

I am also doing the Great Britain and Ireland tour on 2 September 2012 so anyone who is going on this tour I would love to hear from you.

238 days till I fly out. Can’t Wait!!!





I’m Kaitlyn am going to be on your Tour! Glad to also hear that this is your first time and going solo, for some reason I though I would be the only one. By the way is the other tour your doing with Contiki? If so I’m doing the same tour again! I just want the next 8 months to hurry up and come already.




It will be good to have another person I know on the trip. It can be a little scary I guess sometimes. The other tour I am going on is a topdeck one. I actually wanted to do that one after this one, but timing just didn’t fit, so I am doing Britain and Ireland first… having a few days in London before I go on the spirit of Europe.

I love Melbourne,

Let’s face it, anything is better than Canberra lol.




It will be good to know someone else! Damn, I was hoping I would have someone on the other tour as well, however I am going on it on the 24th of August then spending 10 days in London. I’m so exited for the 10 days, however I think that it may be a little long between tours.

I love Melbourne too (used to live in Sydney) but I haven’t been to Canberra so I can’t compare. However I think I am going there later in the year to visit my cousin, so I’ll find out whats it like then:) Is it really as small as I imagine it to be???